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Baker Noble Metals

Bespoke Refinement and Engineering Services

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Gold Silver and Platinum scrap wanted. Some of the best prices available to you by selling directly to a refiner.

Stop giving middle men your hard earned money.

Keep the whole price for your self, don't give eBay and PayPal almost 20% of your money any more. In blind tests I pay 20% more than 'Tesco Gold' and 70% more than 'Cash For Gold'. Any thing with a precious metal content considered, E-scrap, old dental crown's, catalytic converters, all are welcome and I work hard to give you the best price possible.

My name is Justin and I just wanted to introduce myself to you in the hope that you may find my service of interest.

For a number of years, I have been working with the refinement of karat Gold jewelry and have expanded my facility to include all Platinum group metals. In most cases, I offer a standard 80% payment of the detectable metal content of material up front which is of use to most people. As well as a 10% toll on the refinement of material for suitable clients, This service is in line with the UK Government's overview on VAT treatment of Gold for investment and is completely V.A.T. free, allowing you to retain your own precious metals.

All end products are of a purity of 99.9 %, Assayed and hallmarked by the Sheffield or London Assay office with my own Baker Hallmark. Based in Exeter I can now offer a proper service to people and will happily collect samples myself at your convenience.

If you already have someone who you deal with it is not my intention to undermine them but I would ask that you compare our prices. Being a bespoke operation I can make use of much smaller lot's and take care of a larger diversity of material including photographic waste and filters.

I will also help clients with any small engineering or technical problems I can, such as the cleaning of melting dishes and the provision of specialist alloys at close to the spot price.

With over twenty years experience manufacturing specialist wiring looms for the staging and high energy discharge industry I can tailor make wiring to your specific needs including silver alloy wiring and the gold plating for connectors.

If you have a working bench, I can provide  high-quality gold and silver solders or brazing

Or 100g hallmarked bars suitable for casting.

If you are considering the acquisition of metal, as a refiner I have access to the majority of U.K. dealers.So can make provision for any size order be that in traditional sovereigns or documented bullion, at one of the lowest commissions you will find .

I can also provide technical back up to check your purchases or travel to larger industrial facilities to oversee sampling and adjudicate transactions on my client's behalf.

Thank you very much for your time and I hope to hear from you in the future.



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